Love Medicine TV

What’s Love Medicine TV?

What’s Love Medicine TV?
Love Medicine Tea-V is our monthly show, hosted by Sacred Walker, Founding President and CEO of Kuumba Health LLC.

It brings together influential local and international leaders who both are colleagues of Sacred & who align with Kuumba Health’s soulcare model, to find creative health solutions to the world’s ailments. It is filled with humor, inspiration, insights, and real talk that can be applied across helping professions & philanthropic efforts worldwide. We help you to create lives and work environments you love. We inspire often marginalized people to lead dynamic lives. We are the bridge between ancient ancestral wisdom and new cutting edge insights! We are the love medicine the world needs!
It’s written, produced and created by me Sacred Walker and my dynamic team. It grows popular by supporters like you, joining over your own tea & spreading the love about love medicine TV.

The kick off begins on January 30, 2016 at 7pm.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Questioning People of Color Health Matters: A post Obama Era conversation

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Why now?
“Love as a balm to heal the world” is no longer a catch phrase only sung by Michael Jackson or written by Rumi; it is no longer only one of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches or aspired over in between lovers and friends. It is a subject that neuro scientists & physicians, academics and human resource administrators alike find central to human lives, central to broken spirits, central to healthy working teams- and yet there is suffering. A compassionate interaction between doctor and patient, provider and client may affect health outcomes. Artists, ministers, and acupuncturists are increasingly being integrated into health settings. Mothers write the stories of their children who’ve passed as a result of gun violence- to heal their broken hearts. Animals are central to recovery.
Influential thought leaders are needed to stand stronger together across disciplines, as love medicine creators. We are entering into a new political regime, and out of struggle will come progress if we strive for it. Together- we will actually build bridges to get to the heart of what it means to heal America & love America into greatness.
Our holistic mental health and leadership retreats support people mind, body, and spirit, and provides sanctuary in order that you may continue to rise. Love Medicine TV encourages conversation across discipline, proving all things can be resolved when we stand stronger together. It inspires people to have cutting edge conversation, and it reclaims an old belief that there is strength in living and leading in love, and that radical love really can improve health and transform lives.
Curious what might be in store for you?
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