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Development Trainer Mission:

Helping University students and Young Adult Leaders struggling with environmental stressors to be build emotional literacy, process through their stress, improve communications, and creatively tap into their authentic power in higher functioning teams.

We partner with you to create finely-tailored micro leadership development retreat(s) that will inspire deeper leadership development in your student leaders, to lead from the inside out through multi-sensory learning practices. These micro retreats have the bonus effect of giving your young adults the skills of how to use healing arts to both reduce their stress in personal and professional relationships, Inc. micro-aggressions, and create an original self revelatory pieces where they envision new ways of relating in healthier ways, as a leadership development practice. Kuumba Health is committed to supporting young adults struggling with the changing political climate, center themselves, invite in spontaneity & play, critically think outside of the box, and move stuck energy.
Welcome to Kuumba Health’s transformative performance training: creative health solutions which build rising leaders to align their leadership practices and improved well-being.


• Supports the ability to interact with arts and play in a different way to create something new
• Supports stress management skill building
• Think outside the box creatively
• Healing Arts helps you meet the demands of leadership
• Creative problem solving in a changing political climate
• Develops relationships and strengthens healthier ways of relating- reducing in-fighting
• Supports trust building
• Multi sensory learning: Auditory, Kinesthetic, Tactile, and Visual Learning Tools
• Keeps Youth and Adult Scholars Thorougly Engaged
• Have FUN & Much more

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