Principles​ ​of​ ​Kuumba​ ​Health:​ ​Wellness​ ​and​ Leadership​ ​Institute​ ​©​ ​2017


We​ ​are​ ​a​ ​values​ ​based​ ​for​ ​profit​ ​federally​ ​recognized​ ​minority​ ​women​ ​business​(MWBE) and​ ​LGBT​ ​business​ ​enterprise​ ​(LGBTBE).​ ​We​ ​are​ ​a​ ​commercially​ ​conscious​ wellness and​ ​leadership​ ​institute.


Our​ ​core​ ​values.​ ​We​ ​offer​ ​services​ ​and​ product​ ​that:


Inspire Vision: Inspire Visionary Leaders to lead life affirming lives. We wish you well and encourage you to manifest success in our diverse global marketplace.

Soulful: Nurture compassionate care “soulcare” in each care interaction as a health imperative.

Heal: Making an impact on reducing stress-related illnesses thru infusing well-being, healthy leadership development, integrative health, and healing arts.

Promote Equality: Mindfully re-connecting you to your humanity in the face of inhumane acts. Our diversity and inclusion efforts both teach tolerance and foster practiced inclusion.

Love: Honor the strength in disrupting oppression you may experience at work or school and the wisdom you bring into receiving wellness support. We believe compassionate care with healthy boundaries supports you to lead a cared for affirming life.

Lead: Providing motivational talks and micro retreats that are personally catered to your wellness and leadership needs today.

We inspire interconnected caring professionals and in turn all of humanity, to a higher vision of wholeness and excellence in order that you may authentically thrive! In this way, care comes full circle.


Commercially​ ​Conscious​ ​commitment:

● 5% of our proceeds each year will go to support a community struggling to turn pain to power

● 10% of our proceeds must be saved to ensure a sustainable legacy of Kuumba Health

● Products used by Kuumba Health will aim to use fairtrade products in support of sustainability and joining international efforts of preventing all forms of harassment, child labour, and trafficking.


Our​ ​historical​ ​frame:

● We believe as we deepen our understanding of post traumatic slave syndrome, we will better understand and inform health and leadership outcomes for people of diverse backgrounds.

● Those who pioneered before us are rooting for us all to thrive.

● We are committed to receiving and giving with gratitude.


Our​ ​underlying​ ​beliefs​ ​to​ ​our​ ​values:

Our Founder, Sacred Walker, believes members deserve:

● To experience an affirming life where you live your highest vision of excellence

● High Quality Care mental health care that is accessible and human-centered.

● A research-backed evidence-based practice

● Interactions that are relatable and honor you as a whole human being.

● Compassionate empathetic self-care especially when you are most vulnerable.

● We believe that a higher intelligence longs for you to lead an affirming life.

● To have soul expansive and to lead life affirming lives.


As​ ​a​ ​Leader,​ ​Sacred​ ​is​ ​committed​ ​to:

● Being creative and leading an affirming life and leading life affirming lives by example

● Employee development

● Encouraging harmony

● Moving with integrity

● Finding creative solutions

● Building loyalty amongst company members and Kuumba Health members

We are your relationship partner in enhancing members quality of life.


Sacred’s​ ​Practitioner​ ​Belief​ ​systems:

● Racism & isms are rooted in powerlessness made tangible.

● Creating authentic power will change the world

● Value people’s time- compassionate care means give 150% to 1 or 1 million

● We need each other healthy to survive and thrive

● No dis-ease (inner/outer harm) operates in isolation

● Asking why changes lives

● Cooperative economics: Integrative health will save lives

● Environmental stress does not begin and end today

● Healing arts heals physiological challenges

● Good will can counter ill

● Love Medicine is equivalent to authentically compassionate approaches of care

● Being a genuine authentic loving presence that is does one’s best to be free from harm and receiving care as a gift- that exchange shall truly set us free towards success.


Our​ ​soulcare​ ​model​ ​believes​ ​health​ ​outcomes​ ​on​ ​the​ ​micro​ ​scale​ ​impact​ ​the​ ​macro

We​ ​strive​ ​to​ ​ensure:

● Your meetings with us start on time

● Having a healthy relationship to your inner child will positively transform your life

● Being present to you is a gift that matters

● Your confidentiality is ensured and our systems are organized

● To support you to ensure your bills are served and paid in a timely manner.


Those​ ​who​ ​serve​ ​you:

● Move in high professionalism

● Align with our soulcare mission

● Those serving you bring an exemplary expertise

● Those serving you welcome your feedback: Your gratitude and constructive feedback matters.

● Who are committed to take extra time to be present to the WHY you joined, in addition to asking what are challenges, so you can experience better results

● Have mutual respect and empathy as strengths.

● Believe in clear communication and community skill building.

● Encourage your bills to Kuumba Health private practice to be paid on time to ensure you lead a worry debt-free life.

● Take joy in serving you and find joy in your courage in receiving support.

● See your strengths even when you feel weak.

● Treat you as a person versus a means to an end

● Receive care in a pristine experience or polished on line setting

● High quality of services and products

● Put safety first- we will do our best to do no harm

● Embody our vision

● Innovative constructive feedback to help Kuumba Health’s growth is encouraged after the trial period, once you have a clear understanding of the brand

● We will take responsibility for business dealings

● We must communicate well with those we serve and one another

● Cooperation and Teamwork is optimal, where we work in cohesion

● Are focused and disciplined

● Take initiative

● Have a will to succeed and to see you succeed


© Kuumba Health LLC 2017


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