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Our Signature Approach

Together, we partner with you to inspire loving, leading, and learning in healthier ways.

Your finely tailored experience will use Kuumba Health's unique soulcare model as a tool-kit to creatively transform your pain to power, and re align your team's purpose to plan.


Your Partner in Leadership Development Trainings that Offer Creative Health Solutions.

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Kuumba (Swahili: Creativity) Health LLC:


Kuumba Health offers holistic & interfaith coaching, trainings, program development, and marriage officiation. In our approach, we do as much as we can in the way that we can, to find innovative & creative solutions to leave community health more beneficial & in tune with highest purpose than we found it. In this Way, we foster the soul-care in community healthcare.


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Soulcare is Kuumba Health's specialization, backed by applied research, that creates safe spaces for Direct Experiences with Spirit/Universal Consciousness. These spaces promote your optimal health, improved relationships, and quality of life.


Our Direct Soulcare Experiences include the following tool-kit:


1) Creative: Utilize Creative Arts for Upliftment


2) Transformative: Shift Trauma Patterns into Relational & Inner-Power


3) Culturally-affirming: Positively affirm one's cultural heritage and identity,


4) Relational: Nurture the soul of your unions, seeing affirming relationships with one self and others as the foundation for optimal health, AND


5) Ancestral: Learning from those who have come before us will better inform us of our health history. Honoring them will positively influence our quality of life.


Soulcare summarized: Culturally affirming artistic interventions are mediums to usher in a) transformative positive thinking, b) deeper ancestral healing, and/or c) an experience of an uplifted Spirit.




We live in a world where exposure to violence and harmful relationships in the name of increased efficiency, Authentic Love, and power over is the cause of stress and trauma. This becomes a normal way of living, where many suffer in isolation, which affects our personal, professional development and health. This both impacts home and work life.


What if we all awakened to the fact that unhealthy relationships impact our health, and like rippling water, for generations, impacted the health of our home life, work life, and leadership styles. How would we show up differently in our lives if you intentionally shifted painful experiences to power?


Cutting edge research from Degruy on the trauma of slavery, to Levine on the trauma responses in our body highlight that intense challenges affect our health today, and many generations to come. Research by ancient and contemporary scholars, my own included, also show that Healing Arts have the power to both improve our health, help us transform invisible pain, and help improve our ways of relating, and hence our world.




It is a spiritual and exceptional human experience. It is designed with service providers and care takers in mind. It is a belief that your own optimal well-being will positively impact the quality of life of those you care for. Your highest good longs for you to live a purposeful and positive quality of life personally and professionally. It is the two fold belief that:


I best lead when I am my whole self


1) Healthier mind, body, spirit, and cultural supports towards inner balance in service providers & care takers will positively impact the quality of life of those they serve.


Being present is the present


2) Deeper self-awareness will take more time in the short run. This greater investment of getting to the root of imbalance will create stronger communications and relationships. 


Soulcare: Welcome to our Creative Health and Leadership Solution.


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Culturally Affirming Events & Trainings which Creatively Transform the Impacts of Stress on Your Health & Uplift your Spirit, in order to Enhance Your Personal Relationships and Professional Quality of Life.

Image Below Taken During Recent Training at Association of Black Psychologists-

Professional Development Training on how to use Soulcare as a Tool for Psychologists serving LGBT Clients


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