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Sacred Walker specializing in supporting student leaders ages 16-24, with special attention to women leaders, to reclaim their inner lady and gent bosses in the face of bias and inner criticism. In socio-emotional trainings, I support campus diversity and inclusion efforts in the Eastern region. I support your campus members to developing healthy relationships to themselves and others and teach tolerance through expressive arts, motivational speaking, and stress reducing mindfulness techniques.
Through Kuumba Health, I support young women 16-24 struggling with being confident in response to harmful stressful diverse environments. I help transform the feeling inside that college students have for blaming themselves when their world says a harmful situation is their fault. I help connect them to their inner lady and gent boss and give them the language to navigate bias, bigotry, find authentic power vs. power over, even when their biggest critic is themselves.
At the closing of our training series, they feel stronger, more articulate of their needs, having practiced and expressed the confident young women (and often men and gender non-confirming people) at the core of their existence. They have found the resources in one-another to work through difference and know they are not alone- stronger together.


Students and their success are impacted by both the academic and social environment surrounding them. While secondary and post-secondary institutions are focused on academics, the Student Wellness & Leadership Initiative helps students develop the social-emotional skills, interpersonal awareness, and leadership abilities necessary to maintain one’s own well-being and role as a leader.

This Student Wellness and Leadership initiative uses mindfulness-based stress reduction (MSBR) techniques, peer support models, business management skill sets for self-mastery, and student-centered experiential training to create visionary leaders, leaders who:

•  Have creative and critical thinking skills,
•  Are able to formulate innovative solutions,
•  Foster mutual respect and cultural appreciation,
•  Understand their unique story,
•  Can create an affirming environment;

Students will develop a culmination project and will be encouraged to present what they have learned to their communities.

Kuumba health has over 10 years of experience working with vulnerable communities; our evidence-informed model has been developed from a decade of on-site training with students and our trauma informed approach supports cultural appreciation and affirming cultures of health on campuses nation-wide. Our training series provides wellness and leadership solutions which supports students, parents, and campus staff by helping them overcome stumbling blocks and achieve success. We are dedicated to working with institutions of learning seeking to strengthen their diversity and inclusion pipeline and develop a work force equipped with the tools for success in the diverse global marketplace.

Your On-Site Wellness Solution

Students & campus administrators are you seeking support for school related stress management? Are you ready to transform emotional, spiritual, mental, financial pain to reclaimed power in your school environment? You or your students may be experiencing a good deal of emotional or need support through life transactions to ensure academic success. Moreover, schools aiming to include diverse school environments in today's changing climate need support for individuals of African descent, LGBT, Gender-non forming, first generation immigrant, deaf, and other marginalized groups need additional support in shifting blockages in achieving your purpose, balanced mind, nourished spirit, or healthier ways of relating on and off campus. You may feel you have run out of ideas on how to restore the joy and passion you once enjoyed or you need help co creating a healthier relationship to your past, to transform your present, and propel your future.

 Students welcome to your holistic and creative solution, fun and holistic approaches to personal development and wellness.

 Welcome to you !






               Perks & Benefits

  Enhance Academic and
  Personal Life Balance

Enhance Personal Life

❑ Drama Therapy techniques

❑ Role play

❑ Voice development

❑ Confidence building

❑ Envisioning

❑ Storytelling

❑ Visual art

❑ Poetry and Expressive art

❑ Light Movement

❑ Somatic

❑ Holistic sexual health and relationship support

❑ Gender based violence

❑ Basic ayurveda

❑ Body based stress reduction techniques

❑ Interfaith chaplaincy

❑ Pastoral Care\

❑ Proficient American Sign Language

❑ Compassionate ministry of pressence

✔ Explore and reflect on your feelings

✔ Gain skills that can be carried over into the workplace

✔ Become a well rounded student

✔ Think outside the box

✔ Move stuck energy

✔ Learn healthy boundaries

✔ Develop healthy relationship to self and others after trauma experience

✔ Experiment with different ways of thinking, feeling & behaving

✔ Improve Alternative behaviors and strategies

✔ Supports your campuses' retention efforts

✔ Transform pain to authentic power


✔ Have fun using creative arts

✔ Build assertion

✔ Build self awareness

✔ Builds self confidence and   communications

✔ Increase vitality

✔ Manage mild anxiety

✔ Deepen intimacy

✔ Build Emotional muscle and language

✔ Strengthen communication skills

✔ Transform pain to authentic power


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Your On-Site Leadership Solution

Recent Leadership Training at FIERCE!

Your students deserve to have increased clarity and focus to ensure their academic success. They deserve to relate in an environment that is tolerable and fosters excellence. You deserve to have peace of mind that the painful experiences of one student on your campus is not the experience of the whole!
Bring the WOKE Ambassador Program to your High-School or University Campus

WOKE fosters teaching tolerance principles to students and staff


-A deeper understanding of their unique story
-Increasing clarity and focus to respond vs. reactive in a character of integrity and authenticity


-Fostering mutual respect and cultural appreciation
Develops relationships and strengthens healthier ways of relating reducing in-fighting


-Fostering an anti-bias stance regarding bullying of difference including size, race, religious, and sexual orientation tolerance
-Mindfulness training to support enhanced socio-emotional learning


-Supports the ability to interact with arts and play in a different way to create something new
-Creative problem solving in our changing political climate


Students will develop socio-emotional skills and will create an original culmination project and will be encouraged to present what they have learned about tolerance and stress management.

Staff will receive professional development training about stress management and teaching tolerance,so care can come full circle (optional).
This wrap-around support will support students to embody visionary tolerant leadership. In support of the Kuumba Health's vision, molding WOKE ambassadors will help improve school climates by building peer-to-peer modeling of tolerance, reducing hate by using theater to explore tolerant conversations and deeper appreciation of healthy ways of relating, support culturally responsive practices by inviting in mindfulness techniques into conflict resolution, and implement anti-bias curricula. In doing so, empathy and kindness, positive identity development, perspective taking, critical thinking about injustice, and collective action will occur.

Description: WOKE ambassadors will use teaching tolerance anchor standards, theater, and mindfulness to build skills to become more tolerant leaders over 3-12 weeks. These rising leaders will train to bring tolerant principles back to their schools, to support peer to peer efforts for a more tolerant school culture. They will learn visionary leadership skills to thrive after graduation in an increasingly diverse world.

Bring the WOKE Ambassador Program to your campus

Why now?

Students success are impacted by both the academic and social environment surrounding them. While secondary institutions are focused on academics, the WOKE ambassador program supports students to develop the skills to be a tolerant leader.

Incentive program:

-Students must attend 80% of WOKE to participate in culmination presentation
-Additional inventive swag will also be provided for retention and behavior modification reward (included in budget)

1) A culmination video will be shared as evidence of completion

2) A Benchmark report to highlight positive results of training will be shared
Bring the WOKE Ambassador Program to your campus

What are the sample success markers?

22 hours of implemented module hours, to 11 high schools district wide
Retention of 75% of students
Students will retain at-least one of four teaching tolerance anchor standards
Pre and post surveys to measure socio-emotional learning retention will be rendered to students
Sample Impact:

In the district 10003 there are 5,087 high school students. There is a diversity score of 70%, nearly twice the New York average of 37%. There is a high need to fostering tolerant schools to prepare college ready students.

The students will create a culmination original piece at the closing to promote confidence building, public speaking skills, and share what they have learned.

WOKE ambassadors:

Students and staff train to be WOKE ambassadors and implement teaching tolerance
Bring the WOKE Ambassador Program to your campus

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