Sacred Walker, MDiv

 Specializations: Holistic Psychology, Interfaith Counseling, Healing Arts

 NPI #1003277823

Students & campus administrators are you seeking support for school related stress management? Are you ready to transform emotional, spiritual, mental, financial pain to reclaimed power in your school environment? You or your students may be experiencing a good deal of emotional or need support through life transactions to ensure academic success. Moreover, schools aiming to include diverse school environments in today's changing climate need support for individuals of African descent, LGBT, Gender-non forming, first generation immigrant, deaf, and other marginalized groups need additional support in shifting blockages in achieving your purpose, balanced mind, nourished spirit, or healthier ways of relating on and off campus. You may feel you have run out of ideas on how to restore the joy and passion you once enjoyed or you need help co creating a healthier relationship to your past, to transform your present, and propel your future.

 Students welcome to your holistic and creative solution, fun and holistic approaches to personal development and wellness.

 Welcome to you !






               Perks & Benefits

  Enhance Academic and
  Personal Life Balance

Enhance Personal Life

❑ Drama Therapy techniques

❑ Role play

❑ Voice development

❑ Confidence building

❑ Envisioning

❑ Storytelling

❑ Visual art

❑ Poetry and Expressive art

❑ Light Movement

❑ Somatic

❑ Holistic sexual health and relationship support

❑ Gender based violence

❑ Basic ayurveda

❑ Body based stress reduction techniques

❑ Interfaith chaplaincy

❑ Pastoral Care\

❑ Proficient American Sign Language

❑ Compassionate ministry of pressence

✔ Explore and reflect on your feelings

✔ Gain skills that can be carried over into the workplace

✔ Become a well rounded student

✔ Think outside the box

✔ Move stuck energy

✔ Learn healthy boundaries

✔ Develop healthy relationship to self and others after trauma experience

✔ Experiment with different ways of thinking, feeling & behaving

✔ Improve Alternative behaviors and strategies

✔ Supports your campuses' retention efforts

✔ Transform pain to authentic power


✔ Have fun using creative arts

✔ Build assertion

✔ Build self awareness

✔ Builds self confidence and   communications

✔ Increase vitality

✔ Manage mild anxiety

✔ Deepen intimacy

✔ Build Emotional muscle and language

✔ Strengthen communication skills

✔ Transform pain to authentic power

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