Kuumba Health Participants Testify:

Thank you for Experiencing the Soulcare Difference

Black Lesbian Conference- Beyond Bold & Brave: Barnard College March 2016

Workshop: Sacred Erotica

"[I] left fear of vulnerability, and am taking [it is safe] to [deepen] intimacy."

"I leave self consciousness behind & take love and community with me."

"It was super cool. I really liked the art sculpture[s we created]."

"Very refreshing... Interested in your manuscript! Blessings!"

"Amazing workshop! Thank you so much for providing a space of pause for me to get in touch with my body."

"I love the interactive aspect."

"The workshop was empowering!! I really felt vulnerable and it was great to use and feel [my] body."

"This was an amazing and honestly transformative [experience]. Sacred is wonderful and really made me/everyone in the room feel welcome. Fantastic workshop!"


People of Color Healing Racism Retreat April 2015: Sarah Lawrence College Participant Testimonials

“I was extremely satisfied with the workshop for it’s approach to discussing race and it’s emphasis on healing and empowerment.”

“I love and appreciate the work that you do!”

"...I was most satisfied with the facilitators... I was very satisfied with everything."

"It was what we needed to move to not talk about our own selves all the time- but to talk about how we are all impacted by racism."

“I was extremely satisfied with the workshop for it’s approach to discussing race and it’s emphasis on healing and empowerment.”

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Professional Development Compassion Fatigue Presentation: April 2015

"I was attracted to Kuumba Health after hearing the dynamic, informative and warrior spirit of Sacred Walker. The idea of putting "soulcare into healthcare" is intriguing." ~Staff Participant

"Sacred's presentation was truly dynamic!" ~Staff Participant

Women's New Year Retreat: January 2015

"I have been visualizing an artistic expression by designing a collage for decades. Putting it off left me with heavy feelings. When 2015 rolled in, I was determined to make a few changes in actualizing my dreams, completing projects, and trying new things." ~Retreat Participant (February 2015)

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 In patient hospital women's unit administrative testimonial: Summer 2013

" Dear all,

I just wanted to let you know about the "good news" event on 6 South this afternoon that was facilitated by 6 South Staff, with leadership and assistance from Sacred Walker, pastoral care intern and Melanie her social worker.

MJ missed her high school graduation yesterday. Today in the 1 South Courtyard, we had a "graduation ceremony." Sacred and Melanie helped coordinate the event. MJ's family was delighted. Her guidance counselor awarded her with her very own High School diploma. Brother Eric provided the music as she donned a cap and gown and did a processional. Dr. H, her psychiatrist, also attended. The patient asked if she could bring the food and cake from her ceremony to share with her peers.

Today was truly a great day for the women's unit."

- Women's Unit Administrator

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2015 Highlights: A successful year in review


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